Plumbing checks every homeowner needs to know

Plumbing emergencies may require quick thinking and movement on your part or that of a family member. Everybody in your home should know where the cutoff of the water is, just in case.

Learn how to read your water meter

When no one else is home and you knowthere is no water running, check your meter to ensure none of the dials are moving. If they are, than you may likely have a water leak somewhere. Toilets and faucets are the most likely culprits and can add a few hundreds of dollars a year to your water bill.

Check toilets for leaks

Insert a few drops of food coloring in the tank, about twenty minutes later, check the toilet bowl for any presence of color. I you do see something, there may be seepagearound the flapper valve. It is an easy fix as long as you know there is a problem.

Try to drain a few gallons of water from your hot water heater tank twice a year

This ensures the valve works and also allows sediment accumulating at the bottom of the tank to clear out, maximizing heating efficiency, using a flash light check for any leaks in the tank and pipes.

Toilet Overflow!

When your toilet looks like it may overflow, remove the tank lid and press down on the flush valve, effectively pluging the hole at the bottom of the tank. This prevents the toilet from overflowing while you detrmine the source of the plug causing the problem.

More important plumbing checks to keep in mind

Keep all water and drain valbes operational by opening and closing them at least once a year

Learn where the stop valves are for the faucets and toilets in your home.

This allows to turn off water at the problem source rather than inconvenience an entire household by turning off the main valve for the house.

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