Top 10 things a drain cleaning expert should know when working on a clogged drain

1.- Is a clean-out available? if not, what is the best option to work out the clog?

2.-  What kind of stoppage are you dealing with? ( An expert should be able to tell depending on what kind of drain you are working with).

3.-Depending on the size and material of the pipe you are going to be working with, will you be able to handle tight turns on the pipe?

4.- What size and type of cable will you be using to snake the pipe? What type of machine will you be using to snake the pipe?

5.- What type of cutter will you be using on your cable?

6.-  How much cable do you planning on using to cover the length of the pipe you are dealing with?

7.- Do you know how much cable you are not supposed to run? (This question is critical if you are dealing with a septic tank).

8.- Are you dealing with heavy roots in the main line? ( An expert should be able to tell you, as well as know what to do).

9.- Do you know that if the drain is draining properly than the job is done?

10.-  For OC ROOTER the job does not end here. OC ROOTER is ready to go the extra mile and complete the neccesary extra cleaning to ensure that the pipe is left completely clean.

While our goal is to provide “10” level service during each service call. Our number one priority is maintaining your trust in OC ROOTER and retaining you as a loyal customer. Thank You once again for choosing OC ROOTER.


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